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Silver Princess: My Hair Wars

Wedding Day, June 1968 ( Hair Permanented) Wedding Day, December 2001 (Hair Dyed) 2007, Real Hair I have always had thick, absolutely straight hair that I was grimly determined to curl. The first picture of me in curlers was taken … Continue reading

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Accepting Dependence

Baby boomers are prone to believe that if they eat right, exercise daily, keep intellectually active, they will never be frail old people, dependent on others. Until four years before she died in 2004, my mom was extremely independent. She … Continue reading

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Importance of Funerals

My godfather, Jim, who served on the USS Biloxi during World War II I am in the process of transferring a blog from a former site. I wrote this in March 2004; I left it as is, so as not … Continue reading

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