Why Did I Call Myself Redstocking?

Since I started blogging in January 2008 as Redstocking Grandma, a feminist for Clinton, I have been asked hundreds of times, “What is a Redstocking”? We  all are Redstockings.

The original literature is still available. This is an invaluable resource to help  grandmothers, mothers and daughters of feminism help and understand one another. 
The web page explains who they are.
Redstockings” was a name taken in 1969 by one of the founding women’s liberation groups of the 1960’s to represent the union of two traditions: the “bluestocking” label disparagingly pinned on feminists of earlier centuries–and “red” for revolution.
Redstockings women would go on to champion and spread knowledge of vital women’s liberation theory, slogans and actions that have become household words such as consciousness-raising, the personal is political, the pro-woman line, sisterhood is powerful, the politics of housework, the Miss America Protest, and “speakouts” that would break the taboos of silence around subjects like abortion..

Redstockings today is a new kind of grassroots, activist “think tank”, established by movement veterans, for defending and advancing the women’s liberation agenda. The Archives for Action is a project Redstockings established in 1989 to make the formative and radical 1960’s experience of the movement more widely available for the taking stock needed for new understandings and improved strategies.

About maryjograves

Children are my passion. I have 4 daughters, 5 grandkids under 5 with another on the way, 5 younger brothers, 11 nieces and nephews, 8 great nieces and nephews. I advocate a revolution for a child friendly US. I have been an editor, public librarian, social worker, and internet educator. Tweet @RedstockingGran @ChildrensWings
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