Let me clarify something that frequently gets lost in my rants and raves about misogyny and sexism. and makes me come across as a more enthusiastic Hillary supporter than I actually am.

Unlike Obama, like Paul Krugman, I firmly believe in Democratic partisanship. Nonpartisanship in the last 7 years means the Democrats role over and play dead and the Republicans do what they want –torture innocents, spy on Americans, destroy Iraq, regularly undermine the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, make Bush and Cheney virtual dictators, ignore Congressional subpoenas with impunity, put themselves beyond the law. I am appalled at all three Democratic candidates, who should be hammering home these crimes in every speech, not squabbling with each other over race and gender. I wish Christopher Dodd was still in the race. Kucinich is going to be in tonight’s debates. I hope he raises these issues. If the interviewer brings up racism, I think all three candidates should agree in advance to ignore the questions.

I would take gladly take a rain check on feminist and family issues and vote for anyone was calling for War Crimes Trials for Bush and Cheney. It’s not that I like Hillary so much; it is that I don’t think Obama is any better and will be be less progressive on domestic issues vitally important to me. I fail to see how you can make the necessary attacks on Bush and Cheney and appeal to Republicans simultaneously. Listening to the Democrats tear each other apart, you could easily forget President Bush has another year to continue destroying the constitution.

This statement, made 6/28/07, is why Obama would be no better on the most important issues:
“I think you reserve impeachment for grave, grave breaches, and intentional breaches of the president’s authority,”

I would be more enthusiastic about Edwards is he stopped coming across as so angry and started talking about innovative policies and programs. For example, Long term care issues should be an important part of the health care debate. I hope the candidates don’t share the popular delusion that Medicare and regular health insurance covers long-term care for people suffering from chronic diseases who need “custodial care” rather than skilled nursing care.

About maryjograves

Children are my passion. I have 4 daughters, 5 grandkids under 5 with another on the way, 5 younger brothers, 11 nieces and nephews, 8 great nieces and nephews. I advocate a revolution for a child friendly US. I have been an editor, public librarian, social worker, and internet educator. Tweet @RedstockingGran @ChildrensWings
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